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“If you can’t beat them, join them.” Even with online marketing?!

Today’s Helpful Byte
“If you can’t beat them, join them.” Applies to online marketing…

  • Do you ever pay attention to the ads in your Facebook feed?
  • Do you ever take the time to give feedback to Facebook on ads displayed?
  • Why should you even give a crap?

Data Everything

Sites like Facebook gather data in various ways about your general computer/web usage patterns, likes or dislikes and even online spending habits. Generally, this type of marketing data is kept at an aggregate level, which is a fancy way of saying your private data is “lost in the details” and can’t be tracked back to you individually.
I won’t get into data privacy, data mining, pros and cons, or other more detailed topics in this post (I’ll come back to those ideas in future posts).  But, I will raise awareness on one important tip relating to Facebook Ad Preferences.

Facebook Ad Preferences

Facebook uses many online inputs, including your own “about page” and post history, to tag you with certain advertising preferences. Think of these as “post-it notes” on your Facebook profile. When Facebook sells and runs online ads, it tailors what messaging “comes back” to you, the consumer or end user. 
If we all accept for a moment that, as with traditional marketing and advertising, there are both:

  • billions of dollars on the table, on one side of the business table
    (sales for the online merchants, and advertising profit for the Facebook and Twitters of the social media world)
  • a variety of valuable benefits, including savings on the table for the consumer, on the other side of the business table
    (Facebook and other social media tool users, online buyers – at work or at home)
That’s fine and good. But, you are probably still wondering why SHOULD you even give a crap!?

You Are What You Eat (yay cheesy puffs!)

You’ve probably heard people say “you are responsible for your own data.” And, like many, probably wondered, “why should I even give a crap” or worse, “how do I actually change things to benefit or protect ME!?”
The answer to today’s $6 million question “Why should I give a crap?” is because…

“…you CAN control what Facebook knows (and sells) about you!”

Check out this useful article on this topic, related specifically to Facebook and Facebook advertising.

They hit the nail on the head….

“…Since we have to live with them, at least we can try to enjoy them.”

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