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Our Passion, Our Pride

Web & Social Media Presence

We know how how critical it is for small business and NPOs to have a voice in today’s complex, information-saturated marketplace. We specialize in equipping our clients with web and social media tools to reach customers, engage members, and compel people to donate.

Computer and Network Support

We understand that computers and software are often critical work tools. We work within our clients’ budget to provide a reliable desktop and network environment which allows them to focus on their core work, save time and reduce unnecessary frustration.

Business Storytelling

Digital storytelling has become a critical part of any modern business, whether that is related to marketing, events, fundraising, or other communications. We help our clients get their story across and move people to act by creating an emotional connection.

Sharing your passion

At Helpful Bytes, we provide computer and technology services for small businesses and not-for-profit-organizations (NFPOs) in the greater Indianapolis area.

Sharing our clients’ passion for making a difference in our community, we are committed to building working partnerships, providing project support and ongoing support.

With our emphasis on community and a unique pricing philosophy, we are well positioned to offer high quality services at a competitive rate.

With two decades of corporate IT experience, we help our clients more effectively utilize technology to achieve their organizational goals.