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Software Updates on iPad and iPhone

Today’s Helpful Bytes: Updating Software on your iPhone and iPad

Even with 20+ years of IT experience, it can be difficult to balance keeping up-to-date with all of the latest software updates. As a general rule of thumb, I keep up to date with releases and updates because there are often bug fixes and security updates. Occasionally, there are major changes to the look and Read More

The Internet Is a Zoo

Today’s Helpful Byte: Size Matters – The Ideal Length of Everything Online

I’m an engineer – so I like accuracy and precision where possible and am typically a “rule follower.” But I’ve also learned over time that life is not always black and white. There isn’t always a “right” answer to most questions in life – and we are often asking the wrong question. But enough about life. Read More

Social Media

Today’s Helpful Byte: Online etiquette – The ultimate guide to social media manners

Here’s a status update that’s hard to ignore: Social networks and online apps are suddenly among today’s most popular communications tools, with over 1.23 billion people now logging in daily to connect with friends, family, and colleagues on Facebook alone. But as we often forget, they’re also among the most public and visible of digital Read More

Today's Helpful Byte

Home life hack: family sharing options on smartphones

With or without kids, sometimes coordinating daily life can be tedious and time-consuming. However, there are several useful, FREE options available to help by simply tapping into the power of your smartphone! Read more via Amy Iverson: Why you should be using family sharing options on your phones | Deseret News

Helpful Bytes

Today’s Helpful Byte: To redesign your website or not?

To consider a redesign is always a tough question. Is it worth updating the “back engine” to your website? Is your approach fresh? Does your content need to be thinned out? An Expert Opinion Here’s a B2c (business-to-consumer) expert with some objective reasons to help decide when it’s time to invest in a redesign… Your design Read More