About: Todd's experience, expertise, focus & pricing philoshopy

About Me

My grandfather used to say I was born with a floppy disk in my hand! Having grown up in and around computers, long before the internet, I have a passion for helping people get more out of technology. I started in high school writing an office management program for a dentist office and things progressed from there!

My Background

Who is Todd?
Having worked in Corporate America for an internal IT division and for a global software company for non-profits, I have a lot of hands-on experience with real life business systems.

My Pricing Philosophy

A New Pair of Glasses
For almost 20 years, I was caught up in "golden handcuffs" working in Corporate America. I confused living to work with working to live. Having been through several major life changes since then, I've developed a different set of priorities. Community and connections, travel and free time.

I've developed a plan for Helpful Bytes and a sister company C Todd Creations based on those priorities. I've figured out what income I need to have a simpler life, more free time, and an ability to offer competitive rates for high quality service and experience. I know this is important to small businesses and NPO's.

While I'm open to clients who are able or willing to pay a higher rate if they're able (an element of "pay as you can," I've priced my services based on "a new pair of glasses" - not necessarily the going market rate.

In summary, with my emphasis on community and a non-market based pricing philosophy, Helpful Bytes is uniquely positioned to offer high quality services at a competitive rate.

My Work

What are my strengths
I focus mostly on website design and development, social media presence, and helping small businesses and NPO's make wise investments technology. I also work with clients to make the most of their hardware and software through consulting, training and general support.

I love photography and videography as a way of communication and telling stories. Through my related business CToddCreations, I am able to help businesses with video production - "business story telling."

My Focus

What is my passion?
I started a practice of pulling together my “brand” – to help identify, and guide, focus my personal energy.

It’s a bit like an organization’s vision, mission, objectives – though there is more of a focus on “why” and “how” I go about living and who I am, than “what” I do.

I focus less on uber-efficiency and more on being mindful of my EQ (emotional quotient), less on hyper-productivity and more on living with passion, less on operational scale and more on being more fully present in each moment.

Read more about my brand here.