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Best Practices for Posting on Facebook

Came across this resource recently on Facebook, with some helpful tips on effective posts.

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There is also information on the multiple ways to create a Facebook post

Which is your favorite tip?


Link them directly to your website

While I agree with the intent of this tip, I prefer to go about this a different way.

I agree links are important to draw people back to your website.  But, I’d rather create the original post on my webpage, and share the post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media sites.

Using WordPress, this is done through as “blog post.” The “publicizing” to other social media sites with an “excerpt” and a link to the full content on your website is done automatically (once the settings are configured.).  There are also plugins in WordPress that manage links and likes to multiple social media tools.

How to publicize posts using WordPress

Options to publicize posts directly from a blog post in WordPress

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