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How To Increase Clicks On Your Links (source:


Including links in your posts and websites is a bit of an art, and a bit of science…

I came across the following article which provides a little “scientific evidence” on why less is more, with practical advice and tips for getting more clicks for your buck! 😉

Key takeaways from the article are:

  • Users are more likely to click on links, which are easier to spot.
  • Users are more likely to click on Links, which are placed near the beginning of a list or near the end.
  • Scannable content, a good font with a less complex page design (visually) will ensure users reader stay longer on your web page and become more likely to notice your link.
  • By limiting the number of options, you increase the probability of someone clicking and reading.
  • The anchor text is like a short sales pitch – it should highlight the benefit which the page (being linked to) offers.
  • A business is built on repeat customers. Do not oversell. Do not under deliver. The promise of short lived but pure entertainment is what keeps them coming back.

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